Russ Morland, who goes by the name "LURK", is an multi-disciplinary artist that is based in Nanaimo, BC in Canada. He is an avid skateboarder and studied art in England. He always believed that art was his greatest talent and after failing out of high school he was left with the decision to join the army or to find a way into taking further art classes and getting into college. Sometimes he wishes he had joined the army.

LURK creates both traditional and digital paintings, while also creating LURK toys. He owns and operates The Electric Umbrella Tattoo and Gallery, a tattoo parlor and art gallery in Nanaimo, an island close to Vancouver where the art scene is largely a bunch of crafty moms. He has a love/hate relationship with social media as it's his largest platform to share and sell his artwork but believes it's also diluting the art scene with low priced, low quality, "copy cat" artists.

He has never seen Adventure Time and doesn't like the comparison to his art. As he stated, he's "been doing what [he does] for a long time before that shit."

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