Afrokilla Collection (Collectors Box Included)
Afrokilla Collection (Collectors Box Included)

Afrokilla Collection (Collectors Box Included)

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This Collection features all three pairs designed by Afrokilla. While supplies last, all Collection purchases will include ONE extremely limited quantity Collectors Box that is hand painted and signed by Afrokilla himself. We'll update the website when these are sold out! Snag yours right now!

*Collection pricing includes 20% off and cannot be combined with any other discount offers.*


  • Every design is available in two styles and two sizes.
  • Limited Edition Collectors Box is hand painted and signed by the artist (extremely limited quantities, while supplies last)
  • Casual is a flat knit dress sock style.
  • Athleisure features a more athletic and ribbed style designed to move with you.
  • Each Pear is hand-pressed (by humans) so your order may vary slightly from that pictured.
  • All Pear socks are Limited Edition and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Hand-pressed in Chicago.

Customer Reviews

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Happy Pear-day

I bought a pair of Grey Waves by Afrokilla for myself. They are amazing. Our son has a collection of very colorful socks. He has a birthday coming up. I sent him the Afrokilla Collection to put into
his sock inventory. I am sure he will put them high on his list of favorites.

Make Me Feel Cool & Confident

I just keep coming back for more & more Pear socks! It's the feeling that goes along with them that has me addicted now. They are SUPER high quality & beautiful but it's more than that. I just feel so awesome when I wear them & they make other people smile. Afrokilla's socks are a great addition to my growing Pear wardrobe!


The new socks are great. I wear them with my suit in a large offic and always get comments. They are really fun!


I haven’t opened my package cuz it’s a gift