Keith Smith, also known as Afrokilla, is an artist based out of Chicago currently jamming out art murals and creating commission art pieces for galleries, festivals, events, and art buyers all over the country.


His primary focus is to develop an organic, groovy flow using acrylic and spray paint onto anything he can get his hands on. He's drawn more towards sustainability with his pieces by using reclaimed objects for his canvases. When asked about the murals he creates, Keith says he tries "to give the space what it deserves in terms of redesigning the visual aesthetics in the environment.” His personal influences that impact his style are skateboarding, urban culture and the people he meets during all of these wonderful experiences.


Keith is currently working out of his studio at The Pilsen Art & Design center in Chicago’s art-centric Pilsen neighborhood. He loves movin' and groovin' around the city and has been super tapped into the event / festival scene since 2015.