We are thrilled to announce our latest collab with Ricky Watts, a visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ricky Watts Mural


Ricky is mostly known for his abstract works of fluid shapes and psychedelic color gradients, which can be seen on countless murals throughout the United States. He’s been commissioned to do work for big players like Google, Mercedes Benz, YouTube, IBM, and Louis Vuitton.

The piece of work he’s most proud of is the mural he did in his hometown of Petaluma, California back in 2013. This project was funded through Kickstarter by 142 people and is a five-story work of art on the side of the Phoenix Theatre. His friends and family were there to cheer him on as he worked, which is something he’ll never forget.


Ricky Watts Mural

Phoenix Theatre | Petaluma, California


Ricky started making art when he was just a kid. It started with drawings of army soldiers battling nuclear dinosaurs and morphed into graffiti by the time he hit junior high. He was intrigued with learning how to create murals with spray paint, and his love for underground art continued to grow and evolve into what we see today.


He studied in college to obtain a degree in graphic design, but his day job just wasn’t giving him the creative outlet he needed. He eventually started creating work he could show in galleries, and by 2009 was established enough to leave his 9-5 behind and pursue being a full-time artist.


Ricky’s favorite part about being an artist is that he gets to do what he loves every day, on his own terms. He only takes on projects he can get excited about, sets his own schedule, and doesn’t have to set an alarm clock in the morning. His art gives him a sense of purpose, and the ability to contribute to his growing family. He and his wife are expecting twins in the fall, which will be a new chapter in his life.


Ricky works mostly alone these days but jumps on any chance to team up with other artists that he respects and admires. He mainly works from home in his studio, which also happens to be a farm with two miniature donkeys and eight chickens. It’s quiet and peaceful, which allows him to remain in his creative genius zone, but close to enough to the city for projects and travel.


Ricky has drawn inspiration from countless artists throughout his life. He says their work motivates him to push boundaries, work harder, and become a better artist himself.  

In no particular order, here are his top 10 all-time personal influential artists:

H.R. Giger

Barry McGee

Mike Giant

Alex Pardee

Greg Simkins



Oliver Vernon


Aaron Horkey


Want to know more about Ricky Watts? You can connect with him here: